Welcome to Trivial Dispute

I co-host the (almost) hit game show, Trivial Dispute, a comedy podcast that sheds light to trivial topics to bring laughter and joy to the whole family. All of the music, branding, animations, mixing and publishing is done by me—and with an accumulated weekly listener count of nearly nearly two hundred fifty on iTunes, Sound Cloud and Google Play, what could possibly go wrong?


New episodes release every Wednesday and showcase a special guest—or contender, however you want to look at it. Join the fun!


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animated "minute Bits" from the show


The second half of Trivial Dispute is, literally, the Dispute section of the show, where we play interactive games, such as Would You Rather and Who Would Win, to draw creative answers. Above are two lovely animated bits from the show for your viewing pleasure.


Trivial Dispute has taught me numerous animation tricks, including character rigging and seamless workflow between Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. The podcast itself is an audible medium, but this project is about to become so much more.

Trivial Dispute Giveaway


This promotional video was directed, filmed and edited by myself for the purpose of publicizing the show and offering exclusive merchandise to entering contestants, with help from Zoe Storch.